Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Tag Games in Poconos

Blue Mountain is home to the latest, hi-tech, laser tag guns. Battle it out on our outdoor laser tag courses complete with bunkers, forts, and other elements to surprise.



Laser Tag session packages are 2-hours long.


Packages are for 10 people and include 2 hours of play time. Additional people, and food/drink, can be added on to your package.


Laser Tag is available Saturdays and Sundays, May thru October, at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm.

Laser Tag Package


2-hours of play for 10 people


Outdoor Laser Tag Games

Capture the Flag

The object of Capture the Flag is to protect your team’s flag, and try to steal the opposing team’s flag and return it to your base.

  • A good-sized outdoor playing field  (obstacles recommended) 
  • Two flags of different design or color  (red vs. blue)
  • A whistle or other device for signaling
  • Optional referee
  • Take the flags and place them at opposite ends of the playing field.  They should not be within sight of each other.
  • All players should position themselves within ten feet of their team’s flag to start.
  • When a team has their flag set up and is ready to begin, they should blow their whistle and wait for the signal from the opposing team.
  • The flag can be passed.  The flag is allowed to be passed from player to player.
  • Tagged-out players carrying flags should immediately return the flag to its base.  The tagged-out player must deactivate his or her tagger and immediately return the flag to its base before leaving the playing field.
  • If an eliminated player leaves the field without returning the flag, another player from his or her team is automatically eliminated.
  • The team who captures the opposing team’s flag and returns it to their team’s base wins.
  • The team who eliminates all players on the opposing team wins.

Elimination Matches

The object of Elimination Matches is to be the last player remaining.. everyone for themselves!

  • A good-sized outdoor playing field  (obstacles recommended) 
  • Tape, fabric or other items in two different colors
  • (Optional) a Referee
  • Players should separate into two teams and wear the team color around their arms.  Both teams should have equal numbers of players.
  • To start the game, players turn on sensors and the teams head off in opposite directions and establish a team base position.
  • After a pre-determined start time (1 to 5 minutes) the game begins.
  • Each team must try to tag out the opposing team’s players.
  • Teams may not tag out their own members until half the players have been eliminated.
  • Once half the players have been eliminated, teams combine and the players are on their own for the remainder of the game.
  • Any group of players may form an alliance at any time.  Such play is encouraged.
  • A player wins when he or she is the sole survivor and all the other players have been tagged out.

Zombie Invasion

The Zombie Invasion is on when one player goes up against all other players.

  • A good-sized outdoor playing field  (obstacles recommended)
  • At least one player should be designated as the Zombie.  The others are Humans.
  • (Optional) a Referee
  • If there are more than seven players, choose additional Zombies.  One for every seven Humans.
  • Tag the Human’s sensors so that each of them only has one hit remaining.
  • Tag the Zombie’s sensor so that he or she has the same number of tags remaining as there are Humans.
  • If there is more than one Zombie, the hits remaining are distributed evenly among them.
  • The Humans should close their eyes and count to 20 while the Zombies hide.
  • The Zombies, as their nature dictates, must try to kill the Humans. The Humans, in the interest of self-preservation, must try to kill the Zombies.
  • As the Zombies gain new recruits. this will create an ever-increasing problem for the Humans.  Once a player is tagged, they are not allowed to help the Humans.
  • If the Humans don’t thin-out that relentless horde of un-dead opponents, they may soon be outnumbered and overwhelmed!
  • The Zombies win by tagging every Human.
  • The Humans win by tagging each Zombie.

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