Beginner Ski Lessons

Family & Friends Beginner Lesson

Learn to Ski or Snowboard Together


Blue Mountain Resort knows that it is more fun to learn together! That’s why our award-winning Learning Center created the Family & Friends Beginner Lesson, designed to keep your group together regardless of age, ability, or whether you choose to ski or snowboard. 

AGES: This lesson is for ages 3 & up. At least one person in the lesson must be 13 or older to accompany children.
ABILITY: This lesson is geared towards first-timers and beginners. Your group will stay together regardless of ability or whether you choose to ski or snowboard.
LESSON LENGTH: 1 hour on the snow.
LIFT TICKET: A Beginner Lift Ticket is included. Your Beginner Lift Ticket will be valid the remainder of the day so you can keep practicing on the Summit Carpets, Valley Carpets, Valley Triple, and Vista Chairlifts.
RENTALS: Ski or snowboard rental equipment, including a helmet, is included with your lesson. Your rentals will be valid for the remainder of the day after your lesson so you can keep practicing.

Please arrive at least a half hour prior to your lesson start time to allow time to park and get your rentals.

Beginner Ski Lesson

This is for one person. You will be prompted on the e-store to add additional skiers or snowboarders to your lesson.


Beginner Snowboard Lesson

This is for one person. You will be prompted on the e-store to add additional skiers or snowboarders to your lesson.



Get Schooled!


Family & Friends Beginner Lessons are offered 7 days a week!


All lessons MUST be purchased online! Lesson space is extremely limited. Please purchase in advance for you and your group to ensure availability.

Arrival Directions

Arrive to and park at the VALLEY Lodge, located at the bottom of the mountain. Print your ticket at one of our pick-up boxes located outside of the Valley Lodge. Proceed to the Rental area located inside the large sliding doors. When you are ready for your lesson, meet the instructor outdoors, just outside the Rental area by the “Lessons Meet Here” sign.

Adding additional people to your lesson

Additional Skiers and Snowboarders can be added into your Family & Friends Lesson for $149 each. When purchasing, add the first ski or snowboard lesson to your cart. After adding, you will be prompted to add additional skiers or snowboarders. Please note, groups of 3 or less will be combined with other small groups. If you would like your lesson to be exclusive please register 4 or more people.


Beginner Lesson FAQ’s

To have the most fun on the mountain you need to start your day by dressing for success! This includes the proper layers to stay warm AND equipment to keep you safe. If you need any of the recommended gear below, visit True Blue Mountain Sports Shop! There is a True Blue Location at both the Summit and Valley lodges. 

  • JACKET/PANTS: Wearing a jacket and pants that are both wind and water resistant will keep you warm and comfortable so you can focus on fun! 
  • LAYER UP: A good base of long underwear topped by a turtleneck or sweater will go a long way in keeping you warm. You can always remove or add layers throughout the day.
  • GLOVES: Wear water-resistant mittens or gloves- avoid any knit material! Mittens are generally warmer than gloves and easier for kids to manage.
  • SOCKS: Comfortable feet are key! Wear only ONE pair of long socks and avoid cotton!
  • GOGGLES: Goggles or sunglasses will help protect your eyes from sun, wind, and help you see on a snowy day. 
  • FACE COVERING: A neck gaiter is recommended to keep your face warm, especially on a windy day!
  • HELMET: If you are skiing or snowboarding a helmet is highly recommended. If you do not have your own, helmets can be rented in our rental shop or purchased from True Blue Mountain Sports Shop. 

When booking your Family & Friends Beginner Lesson, first select whether the first person in your group will be skiing and snowboarding and add that product to your cart. After the first-person product is added, you will be able to add additional skiers or snowboarders into your lesson by using the “add skier” or “add snowboarder” product. Your group will stay together regardless of whether members of your party choose to ski or snowboard!

Keep on practicing! You will receive a digital report card with tips and items your instructor recommends you continue to work on. Your Lift Ticket and Rentals will be valid for the remainder of the day. You will have access to the Valley & Summit Carpets, Valley Triple, and Vista Chairlift.