Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Tune & Repair Your Gear

Tuning & Repair

Maintaining your skis and snowboards is vital to have the best day on the slopes! Trust your gear with the pros at Blue Mountain Resort! Our tuning shop employees have a combined experience of over 100 years working on skis and snowboards. We offer everything from a basic tune to fixing core shots, and more.



Open 7 days a week: 8:30am-8pm

True Blue Retail & Tuning is located just inside our Valley Lodge at the bottom of the mountain.

True Blue Retail is located at the Summit Lodge.



610.826.7700 extension 1246

All Services Provided by True Blue at Blue Mountain Resort

  • Full Tune- $60
  • Race Tune
  • Edge & Machine Wax
  • Edge & Hot Wax
  • Edge & Race Wax
  • Hot Wax Only
  • Machine Wax Only
  • P-tex (only offered with tune)
  • Base Repair Service
  • BOA Repair

There is a $20 repair service minimum

  • Ski Binding Adjustment/Test
  • Ski Binding Mount
  • Snowboard Binding Adjustment
  • Snowboard Binding Mount

Tuning FAQ’s

It is important to maintain your skis and snowboard to have the best possible day on the slopes and protect your investment in your equipment. Skis or snowboard that haven’t been tuned in awhile will ride slower, not turn as sharply, and will ride less smoothly overall.

Keeping your equipment waxed is key to having a good day on the slopes! A coat of wax protect your skis or snowboard by keeping out water, dirt, debris and ice. The wax barrier provides a clean, even surface that gives you the smoothest and fastest ride.

You can never over wax your skis or snowboard! Wax is a crucial part of skiing and snowboarding. At the minimum, if you start to feel some resistance on the snow it is time to bring your equipment in for a wax.

How often you should sharpen your ski or snowboard edges can depend on how often you ride or what type of snow you ride on. If you only ski or snowboard a few times a year, you should service your equipment before heading out for the first time. If you’re a regular on the slopes, your equipment will require more maintenance. Thanks to True Blue’s speedy turn around times, you can get your equipment tuned up the same day before you hit the slopes. Snow conditions also matter. If you are riding in more powder snow, your edges will last longer. If you’re riding on more hard-packed or icy snow, your edges will need more attention. Always visually inspect your equipment and note and differences in friction/carving on the snow.

True Blue offers the quickest and highest quality tuning services in the region! In most cases, edging and waxing of equipment can be turned around in an hour or less. Please call the True Blue Retail Shop for time estimates on other repairs.


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