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Team Building Activities at Blue Mountain

Outdoor team building activities at Blue Mountain Resort are designed to build better teams! Team building at Blue Mountain is perfect for office colleagues, residencies, youth groups, sports teams and more!


Teams of any size!

Team Focus

Activities generally focus on collaboration, teamwork, leadership and problem solving- all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Sessions and Pricing

2-4 hour sessions from $45-$75 per person.

Customize to your needs

Create your own custom team building day complete with breakfast, lunch or dinner catered by our culinary team.

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Team Building Activities

Even a group that spends a lot of time together will learn things about each other that they did not know!

These are mildly physical activities that require minimal physical exertion but get the group moving, having fun and feeling comfortable!

The Challenge Activities make up the core components of the Team Building workshop. These activities are chosen based on the requested goals and objectives, themes, messages, vision and mission statements, or any messages that the leader wants, and the maximum level of physicality specified for the group. The activities will range from a lower level of physicality to a higher level as the group progresses through the workshop.  Each activity will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills/competencies that they elicit from the team. All activities require good team work for successful completion.

This is where we discuss what you’ve learned in the workshop and how you can apply these skills and knowledge back in the workplace as you move forward as a team. Team members are encouraged to talk about the moments when the team was working well together and why they think they worked well as a team. Also, the team is prompted to reflect on those moments when they were unable to accomplish the goal or task and think about what led up to that and how they overcame those issues. Ultimately the goal is for the team to have a clearer idea of how they function as a single unit and the vital roles that each team member plays in a variety of situations.

Common Skills We Work On

Guiding the team through successful completion of the task (or a portion of the task); Identifying individual strengths within the team and fostering those strengths; maintaining a positive mood amongst the group; being respectful of all members.

Getting members of the team to the next level by instructing them on necessary steps, fine-tuning the actions they are taking.

Listening; speaking up and adding to the conversation.

Working together, joining forces to accomplish a task, coming to an agreement about how to proceed; being flexible; willingness to try out a plan.

Breaking the task down into manageable parts and determining steps to take; re-evaluating the progress of a plan or the steps already taken; incorporating several ideas into a solid plan.

Understanding one’s impact on others; fostering others to trust and ask for help from their teammates; encouraging/supporting teammates; modeling qualities that lead to success such as asking for help from teammates, trust, being positive.


It was my niece’s wedding and the staff that worked the wedding was fantastic! The space was beautiful. The wedding coordinator was wonderful, she was on top of everything!

Janet LaRocco

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We had a fabulous time glamping at the Yeti site! Incredible view and peaceful surroundings! Horseback riding, white water rafting with Jim Thorpe Adventures and more. A trip to remember!!

Victoria Di Santo

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This place is absolutely amazing with an incredible view. Skied on the resort when I was young. It was amazing being back and so much more beautiful than I remember.

Nick Mack

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