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RFID Tickets

RFID Tickets

Blue Mountain Snow Tubing Park tickets are now powered by RFID technology! If you ski or snowboard with us, you may be familiar with our RFID tickets. If not, check out this information for all you need to know for your quickest way to totally tubular fun! 

How it Works!

How it Works!

  1. Buy your snow tubing ticket online at shopskibluemt.com
  2. You will receive an email confirmation with a bar code, scan this bar code at our new pickup boxes located outside the Valley Adventure Center to receive your tubing ticket.
  3. Each ticket will be printed with the name that ticket is assigned to. Keep your ticket in an upper jacket pocket- each person must hold their own ticket! 
  4. The gates in our snowtubing park will automatically read your ticket through your jacket- there is no need to remove the ticket from your pocket! Happy tubing!

RFID "Do's" & "Don'ts"

  • DO keep your ticket in an upper jacket or arm sleeve pocket
  • DO keep your ticket away from any cellular device, credit card or any other magnetic strip card
  • DON'T hole punch or fold your ticket
  • DON'T keep multiple tickets in your pocket, everyone tubing must have their own ticket in their own pocket

RFID Ticket FAQ's

Where should I store my ticket?

Where should I store my ticket?

Tickets should be store in a upper jacket pocket or arm sleeve pocket. If you do not have a pocket, a arm band ticket holder is recommended. 

Tickets should be kept in a pocket alone away from any cellular device, wallet, credit card or any other cards with a magnetic strip. 

You can not carry multiple tickets in your pocket- each person must hold their own ticket! 

Do not fold or put any holes in your ticket during storage. 

Do I need to show my ticket at the gate?

Our tubing gates will automatically read valid tickets through your jacket. There is no need to remove your ticket from your pocket at the gate. 

What if I lost or damaged my ticket?

If your ticket is lost, stolen or damaged visit the guest services counter. The will reissue you a new ticket and deactivate the lost ticket. 

Is my ticket re-loadable for my next visit?

Yes! One of the best benefits of RFID if that your ticket can be reloaded for each visit saving you time! 

to reload:

  1. Select which ticket type you would like to reload (Peak or twilight tubing)
  2. Select the '+' sign next to Guest Name
  3. Type your webcode into the top reloading box. Your webcode is the 10 digit/letter code on the bottom of your ticket
  4. Select the search icon. The system will automatically populate your information. 
  5. Under Event ID, select the date and session you plan on coming snowtubing.
  6. Select "Add to Cart" and begin check out

After checking out, your ticket will be loaded and ready to go! When you show up for your tubing session step right out onto the snow. Happy tubing!