Head Straight to the Slopes!

Head Straight to the Slopes!

Our RFID ticketing system gets you where you want to be quicker- on the slopes!

How to get the most out of RFID!

How to get the most out of RFID!

  1. Buy your first ticket at skibluemt.com.
  2. Redeem your lift ticket at our new pickup boxes located in the Valley and Summit lodges. Your ticket will be printed with your name on it. 
  3. Keep your ticket in an upper jacket pocket and head to the slopes!
  4. Our lift gates will read the ticket through your jacket, there is no need to remove your ticket.
  5. Reload your ticket at shopskibluemt.com prior to each visit and you can head straight to the slopes time after time!

RFID "Do's" & "Dont's"

  • DO Keep your ticket in an upper jacket pocket or arm sleeve pocket
  • DO Keep your ticket away from any cellular device, credit card or other cards with magnetic strips
  • DON'T Hole punch or fold your ticket 
  • DON'T Keep multiple tickets in your pocket. Each person must carry their own ticket in their own pocket.

Ticket FAQ's

Where should you store your ticket? How should you reload? Read below for the RFID FAQ's! Have a question you don't see listed? Please email [email protected] - Happy Skiing!

Where should I store my RFID ticket?

Where should I store my RFID ticket?

RFID tickets should be kept in an upper jacket or arm sleeve pocket. Tickets should be kept away from cellular devices, credit cards or other cards with magnetic strips. Do not hole punch or fold your card for storage. 

Are RFID tickets transferable?

No, tickets are not transferable. Your RFID ticket will be linked to your name and information. 

What if I lose or damage my RFID ticket?

Please report and lost or stolen tickets to Guest Services. Guest Services will deactivate your lost or stolen ticket and replace it with a new one for you to reuse.

How do I reload my RFID ticket?

Reloading your RFID ticket will allow you to go directly to the slopes during your visits! To reload visit shopskibluemt.com and follow these steps:

  1. Select which ticket type you would like to reload (8-hour or Night ticket)
  2. Select the '+' sign next to Guest Name
  3. Type your webcode into the top reloading box. Your webcode is the 10 digit/letter code on the bottom of your ticket
  4. Select the search icon. The system will automatically populate your information. 
  5. Under flex price, select the date you will be visiting 
  6. Select "Add to Cart" and begin check out

After checking out your ticket is loaded and your ready to hit the slopes!

What if I bought/reloaded rentals?

If you purchased or reloaded rentals onto your RFID ticket you can still skip the ticket window! Head straight to the rentals area and gear up for your day on the mountain.