Big Air Bag

Big Air Bag

Ride hard and land soft!  The BigAirBag at Blue Mountain is the best way to try a monster jump or land a rad trick before attempting it in our parks!

BigAirBag Closed

The BigAirBag is closed, thanks for another awesome Winter Season!

New Home

New Home

The BigAirBag has been relocated to the top of our Vista Trail!

Similar to the giant fall cushions used by professional stuntmen, the BigAirBag is specially designed for skiers and riders.  Now you can nail that 1082° cork-screw or radical nose grab and land softly & safely on a big bag of air!

Saturday  &  Sunday   11am to 8pm   (weather permitting)  Rate  
3 Jumps $10 Buy Now
Unlimited Jumps $25 Buy Now
BigAirBag Season Pass $125 Buy Now

BigAirBag Tickets and Releases will be available at the Summit Ticket Office.

 * Must have a valid ski/board Season Pass to add a BigAirBag Season Pass.

Soft-landing full speed ahead

There's no better way to learn how to pull off that sick trick, then by trying it on Blue Mountain's BigAirBag first.