Seasonal Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Seasonal Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Rent all season long!

Do you plan on spending a lot of time on the mountain this Winter?

Want to skip the weekend rental rush and go straight to the slopes? Blue Mountain offers a seasonal-lease package for the entire season! We offer new or lightly used Salomon skis and Burton snowboards. Pick up your equipment before the snow flies and drop it off after your last run. Our seasonal-lease equipment is available October through December at our Valley Rental Shop.

What you need to know:

Seasonal Rental Rates:  Everyone pays one price this season for rentals!  Our seasonal rentals can be taken home or left at the mountain.  If you choose to leave at the mountain, you will need to check in each visit and you are not guaranteed the same piece of equipment.  Take home rentals are just that-take them home, use at other mountains, come back and visit us anytime and skip the rental shop.

Rental Rate:



(Oct. 1 thru Nov. 22)

Unlimited Seasonal Rentals (you choose-take home or rent daily) $179            Buy Now

Seasonal Rental Terms and Conditions

Payment and pickup – Take home seasonal rentals can be purchase from October 1st through December 21st. Rentals will be fitted and picked up at the Valley Rental Shop. Rentals can be picked up beginning Saturday October 27th through Monday December 24th. After December 24th, please check with Valley Rentals for equipment availability.

Fit/Exchange – Our knowledgeable, trained staff takes pride in fitting you properly with your seasonal rental gear.  Please keep in mind that ski and snowboard boots should fit snuggly for best performance. Once the equipment is rented, you will have that size for the remainder of the season.  We do not keep an excess seasonal rental inventory and will not have equipment available for exchanges.

Loss/Damage – The person renting this equipment is responsible for it during the term of the rental agreement period.  The rental agreement period begins the day the equipment is picked up and ends upon return of all rental equipment to the Blue Mountain Rental Shop. This includes ski poles.  Lost or damaged ski poles will incur a $10 charge for replacement. 

The renter assumes all responsibility for missing and damaged rental equipment.  If the rental equipment is lost or returned in unusable condition, the renter will be charged the undiscounted purchase price for that equipment.  (Minor damage from wear and tear will not be charged.)

Returns – All seasonal rental equipment is due back to the Blue Mountain Rental Shop by Sunday June 2, 2019.  The earliest that equipment may be returned is Monday March 4, 2019.  More details on hours for rental returns will be sent to you.  If equipment is not returned by the return deadline, you will be invoiced the full purchase price of the non-returned equipment. 

Purchase – If you decide you would like to purchase your seasonal rental equipment at the completion of the rental season you must notify us by March 31st, 2019. Purchase prices are:

Purchase Pricing:

  • Adult Skis - $200
  • Adult Ski Boots - $100
  • Youth Skis - $150
  • Youth Ski Boots - $80
  • Adult Snowboard/Bindings - $200
  • Adult Snowboard Boots - $100
  • Youth Snowboard/Bindings - $200
  • Youth Snowboard Boots - $80

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