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What to Wear Skiing, Snowboarding, or Snow Tubing!

What to Wear Skiing, Snowboarding, or Snow Tubing!

To have the most fun on the mountain you need to start your day by dressing for success! This includes the proper layers to stay warm AND equipment to keep you safe. If you need any of the recommended gear below, visit True Blue Mountain Sports Shop! There is a True Blue Location at both the Summit and Valley lodges. 

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How to Dress and Layer

JACKET/PANTS: Wearing a jacket and pants that are both wind and water resistant will keep you warm and comfortable so you can focus on fun! 

LAYER UP: A good base of long underwear topped by a turtleneck or sweater will go a long way in keeping you warm. You can always remove or add layers throughout the day.

GLOVES: Wear water-resistant mittens or gloves- avoid any knit material! Mittens are generally warmer than gloves and easier for kids to manage.

SOCKS: Comfortable feet are key! Wear only ONE pair of long socks and avoid cotton!

GOGGLES: Goggles or sunglasses will help protect your eyes from sun, wind, and help you see on a snowy day. 

FACE COVERING: Face coverings are REQUIRED on the mountain while entering any facilities, while in lift lines, while riding the lift, and any other time you are within 6ft of another guest. A neck gaiter will keep you both warm, and safe! 

HELMET: If you are skiing or snowboarding a helmet is highly recommended. If you do not have your own, helmets can be rented in our rental shop or purchased from True Blue Mountain Sports Shop. 

In addition to making sure your dressed properly for your day on the mountain, make sure your gear is in proper condition! True Blue Mountain Sports Shop offers wax, edge and binding services. Equipment in need of servicing should be dropped off at the Valley True Blue Mountain Sports shop location during business hours.