Camp Tour Dates

Camp Tour Dates

You've heard how great our Summer Adventure Camp is and you want to check it out for yourself?   Visit us during a Camp Tour date and we'll give you all the details you need to help decide this is the best place for your child to make new friends, experience new adventures and discover an appreciation for the great outdoors.  Our Camp Counselors are ready to answer your questions.  What are you waiting for-call today to reserve your spot.

Camp Tour Days

It's time to schedule your camp tour date.  The following dates & times are available.  Please call 610.826.7700 to make a reservation for a camp tour and meet us at the Frontier Center by the Valley Lodge on your designated tour date:

  • Saturday, June 1 10am-2pm
  • Sunday, June 9  10am-2pm

If you book a week of camp during your tour, we'll give you $25 off!