Guided Trail Runs

Guided Trail Runs

Come alone or bring a group and push each other, one time or all summer long. Join a group and meet new people. Watch your progress as you build strength and stamina throughout the season.

Worried you’re not ready for the full BURN?

Our guided sessions offer you options. We'll meet you where you’re at and help you set goals and accomplish them! All routes begin and end at the same point  allowing you to build up to the final goal: conquering the whole mountain!
  • The Green Route will give you an intro to trail running/hiking with minimal elevation. Stay at this level and work in intervals of running and walking until you’re stronger and feel confident you can climb to the next level.
  • The Blue Route continues from the green, ascending to moderate height, approximately midway up the mountain where you can start to the feel the Burn before returning to the Valley. Again, stay here and continue to increase your speed and strength until you’re ready to push yourself to the next level.
  • The Black Route continues climbing to the top, making the full course (The Blue Burn) the ultimate goal before completing the full loop and returning down the mountain. Once you have completed the full course, keep challenging yourself to go harder and faster.

An OMT guide will be there to encourage you and  keep you motivated.  Not every training day is the same. Some days you feel stronger than others. You can decide as you go!

Class Schedule

One Time Classes:

  • Martial Arts: July 23rd at 6pm

Ongoing Classes

Day Activity


Yoga - 6pm




Rock Climbing- 6pm


Specialty Class: Ballet Bare- 6pm 


Obstacle Course Race Training - 9am


Guided Trail Run - 8am
Obstacle Course Race Training
- 9am
Specialty Class- 10am


Obstacle Course Race Training - 9am
Yoga - 10am