Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

There’s no better backdrop for Team Building and Team Bonding activities than the breath-taking views, fresh air and sunshine that Blue Mountain has to offer.  Whether its down in the Valley at our low ropes and obstacle training facilities or up at the Summit Adventure Park, your day at Blue will surround you with everything you need to recharge and gain a fresh perspective on your goals. 

Activities Available

Ice Breakers

All Team Building workshops start with quick introductions all around.  This gives facilitators and participants an opportunity to know each other and learn names.  Often, these activities reveal new information to team members, even those who have known each other and worked side by side for years.  And most importantly, it sets the tone for a fun and productive session.

Team Bonding

Team Bonding is a great option for a group that just wants a day out of the office, away from the classroom, or off the pitch. Or it can be a fun way to finish off your team building event.  Spend the first part of the day working on core team skills, break for lunch or light snack, and then mix it up with activities at the Adventure Park or the Obstacle Training Course.  The Adventure Park is located at the Summit and includes the Aerial Park, Adventure Tower, Laser Tag and Action Archery.  For more competitive and high energy groups, the Obstacle Course facilities that are part of our On Mountain Training are a perfect fit.  No matter what you choose, Blue Mountain has what you need to plan a perfect day with your colleagues, classmates or teammates. 

Challenge Activities

The Challenge Activities make up the core components of the Team Building workshop.  These activities are chosen based on the requested goals and objectives, themes, messages, vision and mission statements, or any messages that the leader wants, and the maximum level of physicality specified for the group.  The activities will range from a lower level of physicality to a higher level as the group progresses through the workshop.  Each activity will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills/competencies that they elicit from the team.  All activities require good team work for successful completion

Skills We Work On


Guiding the team through successful completion of the task (or a portion of the task); Identifying individual strengths within the team and fostering those strengths; maintaining a positive mood amongst the group; being respectful of all members


Getting members of the team to the next level by instructing them on necessary steps, fine-tuning the actions they are taking.


Listening; speaking up and adding to the conversation.

Cooperation/ Collaboration

Working together, joining forces to accomplish a task, coming to an agreement about how to proceed; being flexible; willingness to try out a plan.

Planning/ Problem Solving

Breaking the task down into manageable parts and determining steps to take; re-evaluating the progress of a plan or the steps already taken; incorporating several ideas into a solid plan.

Emotional IQ

Understanding one’s impact on others; fostering others to trust and ask for help from their teammates; encouraging/supporting teammates; modeling qualities that lead to success such as asking for help from teammates, trust, being positive

Level of Physicality

Team Building Activities come in a variety of forms, ranging from very low to very high levels of physicality.  Examples of low physicality tasks include things such as balancing on a telephone pole/log on the ground and sitting on a tire swing (no swinging involved), and high physicality tasks would be ones such as climbing a rope or getting every member of the team over a 12-foot wall.  Activities are chosen for each group based on the information provided by the group leader.

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