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Introducing Blue Star Farm at Blue Mountain Resort

Introducing Blue Star Farm at Blue Mountain Resort

Established in Spring of 2021, Blue Star Farm is the heart of our new farm-to-resort initiative. The farm produces a diverse selection of vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, and herbs for Slopeside Pub & Grill and Wedding and Banquet events.

From Our Farm To Your Table

Located a half a mile east of the resort, the farm is home to two 30' x 96' growing houses, a greenhouse and a high tunnel. The houses allow for year-round food production and season extension of our favorite summer crops like tomatoes, in addition to our 7.5 acre seasonal field cultivation and summit demonstration gardens. 
All-mountain and on-farm, our land stewardship is rooted in sustainably; We focus on regenerative organic agricultural practices for the enhancement of soil health, native plant propagation to preserve pollinator biodiversity, and integrative composting using Slopeside culinary scraps and campfire ash from our glamping and camping outdoor adventures. 
We harvest our produce daily and deliver directly to our kitchens. Here, the continued care and preparation of the harvest preserves the natural, intense flavor of our farm fresh produce. 

Current food production this season:

  • Approximately 3 acres of field production (fenced in acreage)
  • 30'x96' high tunnel & 30'x96' greenhouse 
  • Summit garden (approximately 600 sqft) and raised beds (6 boxes - 4x4')
  • Additional fields (about 18 acres) plant in cover crop (rye and crimson clover this fall) to enhance soil health, reduce erosion, feed and support biodiversity 

Potential next season:

  • 7.5 acres of production (total fenced in acreage)
  • Small grazing livestock
  • Bees
  • Chickens
  • More to come!

Monarch Butterfly project

  • We have received 1k+ milkweed via the Monarch Watch Grant for the milkweed restoration project to support Monarch Butterfly population
    • Ongoing all-mountain landscape projects in progress.
    • Our area of focus is the hillside shouldering summit road entrance.